When the Encore Repertory Company first began, we had a few platforms for a set, minimal costumes, one piano player and some local talent who were willing to give their all to perform in a Broadway style cabaret to raise money for the Stadium Theatre Restoration Fund.  It seems like yesterday that we were building and painting sets out of garages, sewing costumes at home and rehearsing in a church basement.  As Encore grew bigger, so did our shows.  We went from having  six platforms to multi-level sets, a 12 foot pink candy boat, a carriage in the shape of a pumpkin that lit up, a car that was “Greased Lightning” and a helicopter that flew out of Saigon.  Glinda and the Wicked Witch flew in the land of Oz, Peter Pan was able to soar in Neverland, and the Beast transformed in mid-air.

It is due to the dedication and tireless effort of dozens of people over the past 14 years that have made these things possible.  The hours of time and creativity spent by various directors, musical directors, costumers, set designers, tech crews, choreographers, producers, painters,  parents working backstage and many many more. 

The Encore Repertory is a theatre company  that strives to put on shows of all genres for all ages.  Whether it be a musical for the whole family such as Annie, The Wizard of Oz,  or Willy Wonka, dramas and farce such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest or Noises Off, or dramatic and comedic musicals for an older audience such as Rent, Miss Saigon and The Full Monty.

We have  been fortunate to have an over abundance of talented cast and crew members, each person helping to make every show more amazing than the next. 

Muriel Halloran, who was the Executive Producer  and enthusiastic leader of The Encore Repertory Company for 13 years, decided in May 2010 that it was time to resign.  She is still producing shows and running the warehouse for Encore and the Stadium, and her dedication to Encore stands strong.

I can only hope that in the years to come, we can continue to live up to Muriel’s standards and  produce the best quality shows for the surrounding communities while providing opportunities in the performing arts for people of all ages.  As we continue to grow, I look forward to having many more talented performers and production crew join us on stage and off, as well as continuing to work with our current Encore Family.

                                                                                                        Kathleen Fortier

                                                                                                        Executive Producer